3. Re-Spark Stage

  • We’re together but need to Re-Spark the relationship

  • My man ignores me

  • Why won’t he return my calls?

Superman action figureSuperman action figure

Why Men Gladly Sacrifice Life and Limb in War, but Act Selfish and Lazy in Relationships (And How You Can Reverse This)

How Superhero Movies Can Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Capturing a Man’s Heart

The basic idea behind this hook is that you can capture attention by first agreeing with something that annoys many women. Point out how men often act selfish and lazy, and contrast that with the situation where they act honorable and selfless (when sacrificing to protect others). The Secret Obsession course shows how to tap into a man’s hero instinct and turn it so that the energy of that natural biological instinct gets channeled into his romantic relationship.

The ONLY Formula You’ll EVER Need for Lasting Romance

Force his natural male instincts to work for your relationship instead of against it.

Basically, this formula does one thing. It triggers his desire to be needed.

Imagine his drive to be needed is like a river. It’s constantly flowing. And like a river, it’s always going to flow down the path of least resistance. Letting him meet your needs opens a new path. An outlet. Water will naturally flow into that new opening.

If you don’t have these openings in your relationship, it’s like a large dam has been erected. Picture one of those huge dams that holds back a massive river. Imagine the amount of pressure that builds up behind that dam. That’s what it’s like when you don’t open up outlets for his drive to be needed.

It’s the top reason men have affairs (even men who are still in love with their partner). Some woman comes along and fulfills his need to feel important, significant, and capable. That other woman has created an outlet for the pressure building up behind the dam.

It doesn’t take long for that outlet to become a new river, a new channel. And then it becomes emotionally painful for him to shut it off. Close it down. And ignore that opening.

a man in a body of water in front of a waterfall in touch with his male instinctsa man in a body of water in front of a waterfall in touch with his male instincts

The Natural Fix for Your Man’s Commitment Phobia

Let mother nature heal your relationship.

Medication always comes with side effects. It’s a temporary fix. Because it doesn’t heal the underlying problem. And it brings up new problems of its own.

Your body knows how to heal itself. You just need to restore balance. You just need to remove toxic conditions that interfere with your body’s natural functioning.

A relationship is no different. If you felt a special connection, then you were meant to be together. The key is to let mother nature run its course. But there’s a problem…

You see, In this modern age, a man’s natural instincts pull him away from you. In times past, a man’s natural instincts to take on the role of a provider made him seek out commitment to a woman. It was something attractive, something natural and instinctive.

Social reform has given women the rights they always deserved. Unfortunately, it’s also taken something away. In an age where women no longer need a man to chop wood, protect her from wild animals, and build a log cabin by hand, something has been lost. A man no longer sees a committed relationship as an outlet for his natural instinct to do something meaningful and to find his purpose.

You see, men have a natural instinct. Some have called it an obsession. His natural instincts call him to seek social recognition and status by finding ways to be needed, ways to feel important, and ways to provide.

What if you could bend that natural instinct in service of his relationship with you?

Well I have good news for you. My friend James Bauer has discovered a way to do exactly that.

a couple standing in front of a large, white sculpture happy in lovea couple standing in front of a large, white sculpture happy in love

Your relationship is not broken, just stunted by this one toxin you can easily remove.

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