1. Attraction Stage

  • I’m trying to win the affections of a guy who doesn’t see me that way yet.

  • How can I get him to see me as more than a friend?

  • Why do guys show interest and then just drift away?

  • I know he likes me. Why won’t he just admit it?

man and woman holding each others hands married and in loveman and woman holding each others hands married and in love

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How to SHOW Him You Want Him

The Perfect Gift for a Man Is a Need He Can Fill

  • If you could give your man a gift... and it could be what he wants the most…what would it be?

  • The best gifts are the ones that improve a person’s happiness and life satisfaction.

  • And it turns out that what makes a man the happiest is earning the genuine respect of others for his ability to provide. It makes him feel like he matters. Unfortunately, that basic drive to feel needed is missing in most modern relationships.

  • But smart women know how to trigger it again and again. And they do it in a way that makes him feel happier and more committed than ever before.

Make him see you as “the prize” he wants to win

You Can Flip on a Man’s “Obsession Switch” by Making Him See Romance as a Game He Can Win.

  • Guys love a good competition. In fact, men are wired to compete. Competitive games drive the social interaction of boys on the elementary school playground. When they grow up (…if they grow up) they throw their energy into work, physical fitness, acquiring man-toys, or adventures of various types.

  • What if you could channel all that energy toward the relationship he has with you?

  • You can. And the key is flipping a switch. A switch in his biological reaction system. A switch that causes him to see his relationship with you as the ultimate opportunity to prove himself as a man.

a couple holding hands in the moonlight, in a relationship getting to know each othera couple holding hands in the moonlight, in a relationship getting to know each other

What Makes A Man Want to Invest in You Instead of “her”?

  • Most men want a deep passionate romantic relationship. He wants it more than he lets on.

  • He’s holding back. And it’s because building a relationship is like an investment. You have to think about the long-term value, not just how it feels right now.

  • That’s why you may have been confused by his behavior. He seems to really like you, but something is holding him back.

  • He’s holding back because there’s another kind of investment every man needs to make. He won’t get serious about a relationship unless he sees a way to “invest” in the one thing that gives him a sense of meaning and purpose as a man. Find out what it is by clicking here.

silhouette of woman standing on beach during sunset with her man happy and in lovesilhouette of woman standing on beach during sunset with her man happy and in love

The Moment He Finally Sees You as More Than a Friend. It’s now or never.

Secret weapon: Escape the friend zone. Escalate romance

a couple kissing in the night sky happy, holding each other, falling in lovea couple kissing in the night sky happy, holding each other, falling in love
  • You can’t make someone have feelings for you. But you can change the interactions between the two of you. And the right kinds of interactions can force him to see you in a different light.

  • But this will only work if you start using this special type of interaction with him BEFORE another woman locks herself into the one open seat where this kind of interaction is possible.

Simplicity for Success. The simple message that says it all… “I need you.”

  • Most men want a deep passionate romantic relationship. He wants it more than he lets on.

  • But his problem is not apathy, it’s entropy.

    • Apathy- a lack of drive or motivation to do something.

    • Entropy- the natural law of the universe that says order gives way to chaos.

    • In his relationship with you, he’s standing at a fork in the path. He doesn’t know which way to go. It’s not apathy. It’s entropy. He’s confused.

    • That’s why simplicity is your secret sauce for success.

    • Simplicity gets to the truth. To be happy and successful in relationships, we must learn to focus on a much smaller set of much more important things.

  • Focus on just what matters. Do less and get more.

  • What if I could show you where to focus? How to do less and still get more in your relationship?.

heart marker printheart marker print

The lost key that unlocks the closest thing to a true (modern) fairytale romance.

Is Prince Charming Dead?

two person holding papercut heart, couple in lovetwo person holding papercut heart, couple in love
  • Modern man is ashamed.

  • His sense of meaning and purpose has historically rested on a strong foundation. That foundation was the way his family unit depended on him as a provider. His greatest challenge in life was to provide for and protect the woman he loved, and eventually, the children they loved together.

  • Sadly, his chivalrous instincts have been forgotten. Forgotten in an age where knighthood has become nothing more than a token formality bestowed by a queen who is nothing but a lingering remnant of ages past.

  • A man’s sense of well-being is derived from adventure, challenge, and the need to prove his worth. Without these challenges, he feels lost.

  • And in this modern era, men have been drifting away from committed relationships with a single woman. The reason? It feels fake.

  • She doesn’t need him. So he looks elsewhere to make his mark on the world. He says he’s not ready for a commitment yet. And he goes on in pursuit of some challenge to prove his worth. While stringing you along.

  • Why hope for a fairytale ending, when you can have a fairytale beginning that starts right now? Click here to discover every man’s secret obsession and how you can call to dormant drives that make him feel truly happy and alive in a relationship with you!

  • Fulfill his need to prove his worth. Let him become your prince charming.

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