I Feel Guilty! Knowledge is Power: How I Feel Empowered Right Now

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4/16/20242 min read

brown wooden panel with white heart
brown wooden panel with white heart

Hello all!

5 hours ago my husband came in from work. I planted a powerful kiss on him that told him exactly what I wanted. ;P Just like I read in How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall in Love.

4 hours ago, I flirted with my husband when he got out of the shower and gave him sweet little kisses on his belly followed by a silly raspberry to get him to smile, just like I read in the Top 10 Attraction Shortcuts.

3 hours ago I cooked dinner and my husband came up behind me and kissed me gently on my neck. He was so gentle I could barely feel his lips on my skin.

What has gotten into him, I thought.

Was everything I have been reading helping my relationship already? YES, indeed, it has. In three short days I have seen a crazy change in my husband...

...Picture this (maybe you don't want to LOL). My husband is leaning over the counter playing around on his tablet. We are just getting over dinner so I am doing the dishes.

I spin my head around and look and he's dancing and rocking his hips back and forth.

I think to myself, who is he shaking his ass for, I'm doing dishes and can't even watch. I kind of chuckled to myself.

So I continue on with the dishes.

A few minutes later I turn and look and he's doing the same little dance but now his pants are down below his butt and he's just free swinging in the kitchen.

Now I know something is up. What has gotten into him. LOL

It has to be all that I am learning from the materials found on my website.

It's not that I'm doing anything all that different, I guess it's all in my approach now.

I'm not really sure, I just know it is working!

I'm also really taking into consideration what he might be thinking and that seems to be opening him up a lot.

I hope so, I've had a great evening today, and with that I'm going to thank the authors of some of the educational and inspirational words in their writings and I am off to bed!

Goodnight and lots of luv,


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